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We are a team of ambitious young persons and maybe slightly idealists. Our goal is to make beautiful objects but in the same time of very good quality. In our case, the objects are handbags, belts and other small things.

We are opening for you a small window into our workshop. Here is where these objects are born. We imagine them, trying to draw them, and then we begin to bring them to life.

We use the best materials you can find in Italy. We try to follow the latest trends in fashion every season. All these things we do for you but we enjoy it very much as well.

Thanks to everyone who buys a bag "Gabriela Vlad".


Boutique Cesari (Parma) - tel. 0039 0521287057

Boutique Chiara B. (Cuneo) - tel. 0039 0171690340


Almond Eye (Tokyo) - tel. 0081 354206500

Boutique TRESOR (Tokyo)

NOA (Tokyo)

Boudoir (Kanagawa)

Green Poppy (Fukui)


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Art. 2204

Art. 2301

Art. 2302

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